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Tear trough filler

Refresh the under eye area

Tear trough filler is a minimally invasive medical treatment that instantly refreshes the look of the undereye area. A low density filler containing hyaluronic acid as well as various antioxidants, amino acid, vitamins and minerals to fill out the under eye trough and help to reduce the darker appearance of this area too. At Skulpt, we only use the microcannula method to carry out this treatment, which is much less painful than a needle and also safer, minimising the risk of damage to any blood vessels in the treated area.


The formation of tear troughs is a natural effect of ageing, as we lose some of the facial fat and surrounding bone structure around the eyes. This creates a depression (ie trough) that runs from the nose/inner corner of the eye and all around under the eye. As we age, these worsen, resulting in the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.


Results can be seen immediately after treatment – you can expect a refreshed look for tired-looking eyes.


Tear trough fillers typically last between 9-12 months, but this can vary slightly based on individual metabolism and other lifestyle factors.

For further information or to book in for a treatment, simply contact us


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