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Dissolving Dermal Filler

Rapidly remove unwanted filler

Hyaluronidase (aka hyalase) breaks down the cross-links between the hyaluronic acid molecules in dermal filler, essentially “dissolving” the filler. Although the effects are largely instant, the dissolver continues to work over the next 2-3 days to dissolve filler and decrease the unwanted dermal filler.


Filler dissolver can be used for both medical reasons and cosmetic reasons. Sometimes, if filler is injected incorrectly, it can result in overfilled or lumpy areas. By injecting some hyalase to the area, we can reduce the amount of filler and improve the look of the treated area.


Typical areas we can dissolve:

  • Lumpy filler (eg. the lips)

  • Overfilled areas (eg. in the tear trough area)

  • Asymmetrically placed filler (eg. in the cheeks)

  • Returning to the pre-filler look

  • Correcting migrated filler (eg. around the lips)

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