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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Shape, contour and straighten the nose

The NSR (aka the 15-minute nosejob, nose filler or liquid nosejob) involves injecting small amounts of a high density hyaluronic acid  filler to various points of the nose to reshape it. It is an ideal treatment for those who would like to improve the shape of their nose from both the front and/or the profile views, without the cost and recovery time of a surgical procedure.


At Skulpt Clinic, the NSR is one of Jesal’s favourite treatments to perform, as she loves witnessing the confidence boost that comes immediately after treatment. She will discuss your individual goals before starting any treatment to ensure that your new nose perfectly harmonises with the rest of your face.


Typical areas of concern include:

  • Straightening a hook-shaped nose

  • Correcting a bump on the bridge of the nose

  • Lifting a droopy nasal tip

  • Building up a smaller nose

  • Defining the nasal tip

  • Harmonising and balancing the profile view


Nose fillers typically last between 12-18 months, but this can vary slightly based on individual metabolism and other lifestyle factors.

For further information or to book in for a treatment, simply contact us


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