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Lip Filler Treatment

Lip augmentation to enhance shape and volume.

Lip fillers (aka lip augmentation or lip enhancement) are one of our most popular treatments. By using a series of injections of low-medium density hyaluronic acid, we are able to increase volume of the lips as well as define the shape more if desired, whilst maintaining a natural look and feel to the lips. The hyaluronic acid also helps to hydrate the lips, instantly creating fuller and plumper lips.


At Skulpt Clinic, our Aesthetic Pharmacist Jes loves to create natural looking lips that complement the face as a whole. She will discuss your individual goals before starting any treatment to ensure that she achieves the best look for you.


Typical areas of concern include:

  • Increasing volume of thinner lips

  • Enhancing lip definition and shape

  • Improving the proportion between the top and bottom lips

  • Improving symmetry to asymmetrical lips

  • Adding projection to the lips from a profile view

  • Correcting downturned corners of the lips


Lip fillers typically last between 9-12 months, but this can vary slightly based on individual metabolism and other lifestyle factors.

For further information or to book in for a treatment, simply contact us


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